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"Too hip to be folk, too deep to be pop,
too real to be cabaret but somehow a little of each." —Jamie Anderson, Indie-music.com

"German is possessed of a hauntingly skilled voice,
that calls to the listener from dark corners and blind alleyways
encouraging them to step from the light into what might be an exciting adventure of dangerous proportions. German shifts and morphs his voice on several of the tracks to mimic the sounds of stringed instruments and horns in a jazz-scat sort of improvisational style that evokes a time out of time." —F. Daniel Kent , Out and About Newspaper

"new most brilliant. Period.
And you can quote me on that." —Duane Wells, 365Gay.com

"These are excellent songs;
my favorite is "Walking Song," but they all have a great sense of combining old school singer songwriter traits with contemporary production and sensibility. Think of Bob Dylan's "talking blues" songs updated for 2007, and you'll be close. There's a tangible sense of humor here that's refreshing, but not at the expense of the song. If you like Great American Music you should check this out." —Jerry Jodice, Great American Music Hour

"After our first listen;
We ran home and put it in our ipod. —Matt Bell, Genre Magazine

"A great part of Robert's genius
is his ability to generate sounds that you can't quite put your finger on, whether it be by contorting his vocal chords or by banging spoons together. Combining this aural richness with his manifest capacity for crafting a strong melody makes for an engaging listen unlike anything else being produced right now." —Ryan Norbauer, Lovetastic.com

"This evocatively energized album
is full of uniquely thought provoking lyrics, and has a jazzy, bluesy, folksy, and smooth sound, that will make you want more." —R. Oliviera Jr, Qbliss.net

"A little bit country,
a little bit Nine Inch Nails..." —Gregory T. Angelo, Next Magazine

"His well-crafted lyrics
are simultaneously satirical and poignant. Delivering vocals that spring from Louis Armstrong to Tori Amos, this young composer sings, scats, strums, and satisfies an audience looking to warm their pop folk souls." —Grace Moon, VelvetPark Magazine

"His stuff
is very twangy, quirky, bluesy/rocky. Pretty unique..." —New Now Next Blog, Logo Online

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